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What type of dive gear should I bring?

The advantage of bringing your own gear is that it allows you to dive with familiar equipment that fits you precisely.  A complete range of equipment is available for rental-- masks, fins, snorkels, regulators, buoyancy compensators, and wet suits.  We suggest that at a minimum you bring a personal mask and dive computer.  Tanks, weights, and weightbelts are included in all dives (don't use your weight allowance carrying lead!).



Is there shore diving available?

The underwater topography around our shores does not allow for ideal shore diving. We are based at the Oualie Beach which is a shallow bay on the North side of Nevis. The bay has an average depth of 9 feet for several hundred yards from the shore, then opens up to the channel where there is a very gentle gradient to 15 or 20 feet for several more hundreds of yards.

Do you do the same dives as the St.Kitts dive operators?

There are some sites that we all do and we may even have different names for the same sites. We at Scuba Safaris do our best not to repeat the same sites. We are also in the ideal position to offer a larger variety of sites around both St.Kitts and Nevis than most of the other operators can.

Where do you go to dive?

Scuba Safaris has located as many as 40 different dive sites. We offer diving within a 5 mile perimeter of both St.Kitts and Nevis with average boat ride being 20 minutes but some of the further sites can be 45plus minutes away.

How deep are your dives?

Our usual profile consist of a 70-80 ft max depth and a second dive of 30-50 ft. We do have deeper dives and would offer them depending on weather and diver experience.

What’s the visibility?

Water vis’ is usually 60 to 80+ ft.

Does Scuba Safaris arrange for hotel pick-ups?

All hotels can arrange for transfers to our dive boats. Please speak with your concierge or front desk.

How old do I have to be to dive?

Children need to be 10 years and older to dive. Children age 8 and 9 can try diving out in a pool or shallow bay doing our Bubblemaker and Seal Team courses.

Is the boat shaded?

Yes, both of our boats are at least partially shaded.

Sea Monkey has a large canvas top covering 3/4 of the vessel leaving an area for those who need some sun.

Over Exposure has a cuddy cabin and a canvas shade over the deck area.

What do we need to bring with us?

Sunscreen, towels, certification cards, log books and personal dive gear should you have.

I haven’t dived in ten years, what should I do?

If you haven’t dived in two years or more we highly recommend you sign up for our refresher course. Instructors will re take you through the equipment, diving standards, equalizing and take you on a 1-Tank dive letting you get reacquainted with the water again.

What happens if I’ve lost my card?

Many dive organizations have their certifications posted online. Simply let us know and we may be able to verify your dive certification for you. Logbooks also show proof of certification.

Can we come for the ride while you dive?

Passengers (known affectionately as “Bubble watchers”) are allowed for the boat ride. If diver bookings are larger Scuba Safaris may refuse to allow boat-riders for the given day.

Do you have wall diving?

We do have steep drop-offs that some divers consider to be walls. As these sites may start shallower (30-40 ft) and drop to a maximum (90-110 ft) depth, they may best be considered as “mini-walls”.

Are there lots of sharks?

Divers often request to see sharks and there are quite a few areas that are frequented by sharks.

Can we snorkel on the same dive trip?

Some of our sites are great for snorkeling and scuba diving. As the morning dives are generally a bit deeper, they may prove a bit challenging for the avid snorkeler. We offer a separate Snorkel trip in the afternoon where snorkelers can be properly catered to.

Do you have Nitrox?

Yes we have Nitrox.

How long are the dives?

Bottom time depends on depth; however an average dive is usually about 40-45 minutes.

Are the dives guided?

Yes, all our dives are led by one of our experienced dive masters.

Can we arrange for a private divemaster?

Sure let us know if you would like a divemaster as your personal dive buddy and we can get that arranged.

Can we arrange for a private boat?

Yes, contact us if you would like to charter one of our dive boats.

Is there food served on the boat?

Food is not usually offered on regular dive trips. Water and sodas are available for after dives.

How big are the groups & What if I don’t want to be with a large group?

Group size varies, but typically our daily dive groups are between 4-10 persons per boat. We’ll add additional dive masters as the group gets larger.

Do I need to tip the staff?

A gratuity of 15% is customary, but many leave more when they feel the service was above.

What’s the water temperature?

There is a seasonal variation during the winter and summer months. Temperature will fall between 79 and 85 degrees accordingly.