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Kids Zone

The PADI Bubblemaker program

The PADI Bubblemaker Program for kidsThe PADI Bubblemaker program is for boys and girls age 8 and above. It's fun, easy and safe. The PADI Bubblemaker program is a way for youngsters to join in the family fun of scuba diving. The program introduces scuba as an activity that allows kids to experience the underwater world. Under close supervision, participants swim around on scuba in shallow confined water-just playing! Receive certificate and card to make the experience one to remember.


The PADI Seal Team

PADI Seal Team kidsThe PADI Seal Team program is an exciting underwater activity-filled introduction to the world of diving. The PADI Seal Team program gives children a chance to swim around underwater and experience adventure, discovery and thrills. It also provides parents or guardians with a structured program that lets their children develop skills, learn about the aquatic realm and have lots of good, clean fun. To become an official member of the PADI Seal Team kids need to complete the first five of 15 AquaMissions. Each mission consists of games and activities that incorporate skills to further their diving development. Kids will receive a PADI Seal Team memeber card and wall certificate that recognizes their accomplishments and allows them to work toward PADI Master Seal Team recognition. Minimum age 8.


PADI Discover Scuba

PADI Discover Scuba introduces potential divers, 10 years of age and older, to breathing underwater. With minimal explanation, new divers begin using scuba equipment and experience a shallow dive, in a pool or pool-like conditions, under supervision. Kids can just try diving out or credit this course towards certification courses.


PADI Discover Scuba Diving

PADI Discover Scuba Diving programThe PADI Discover Scuba Diving experience quickly moves kids into the open water environment. After straight-forward knowledge and skill development sessions, kids get to plunge into the sea at our beginner dive site called Emerald Cove. This site provides safe and easy conditions for the novice diver. We will guide you over a beautiful shallow reef, teeming with tropical fish and edged by channels of white coral sand, home to tiny garden eels, stingrays and graceful eagle rays. This experience may also be credited towards your diving certification. Minimum age 10.


Become a Scuba Diver

Become a scuba diverBecome a Scuba Diver and learn the foundational knowledge and skills with little study followed by a simple quiz, some basic scuba exercises in the pool or off the beach, and a 2 trips to the reef is all it takes to get you immersed in what we believe is the coolest sport of all. Your entry level certification is accepted throughout the world, lasts a lifetime, and can be built upon in stages to allow deeper or specialist dives. Minimum Age 10.


Become a Junior Open Water Diver

PADI junior open water diver courseBecome a Junior Open Water Diver. This course incorporates the Scuba Diver Course, but goes further towards making you a truly accomplished diver. A little more theory work, including a more detailed introduction to the various effects of pressure at depth upon the diver, some more pool training, two further-and deeper-ocean dives, and a final exam complete the package. Your knowledge of dive equipment and its functions underwater is enhanced, as is your ability to maintain improved buoyancy and your understanding of safey for both yourself and your dive buddy. Jr. Open Water certification is a stepping stone to becoming an Jr. Advanced Open Water Diver. Ages 10-14.


The PADI Junior Adventures in Diving program

PADI junior adventures in divingThe PADI Junior Adventures in Diving program provides divers with a structured means to explore special diving interests and gain dive experience. Complete any three Adventure Dives earns you the rating PADI Junior Adventure Diver. Adventure dives include AWARE-Fish Identification Dive, Deep Dive, Dive Propulsion Vehicle Dive, Night Dive, Peak Performance Buoyancy Dive, Search and Recovery Dive, Underwater Navigation Dive, and Wreck Dive. Complete 5 adventure dives and become a Junior Advanced Open Water Diver. Duration 3 1/2 days. Ages 10-14.