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Meet the Team


Scuba Safaris Ltd is Nevis' first and only full SCUBA outfit. Scuba Safaris, a PADI DIVE RESORT is based at the Oualie Beach, a sheltered, shallow bay on the Northern end of the island. The Oualie Beach host a small friendly 32 room Hotel with a cozy beach bar a stone throw away from the Dive Shop. The bay is also home to Nevis Water Sports, Deep Sea Fishing, Wind Surf Nevis and Wheel World bicycle Shop all next door to Scuba Safaris. Scuba Safaris boast friendly professional staff eager to share their knowlege and their dive experiences or just sit, sip a cool cocktail "shooting the breeze" with their guest after an enjoyable day's dive.


Ellis A. Chaderton

Managing Director of Scuba Safaris, Ltd.

Ellis A Chaderton Over 20 years of dive operation. November '88 NAUI Dive Instructor; PADI Dive-Master. Certified ScubaPro and Sherwood repair technician and dealer. Ellis, an island native has been diving around Nevis and St.Kitts from his early teens and with the influence of Derek Perryman (Ellis' brother in law and owner of Dive Dominica) Scuba Safaris Ltd was born. Ellis AKA "Boss Man" is mostly known for his sense of humor, where he is often found joking and chatting with the "Dive Team", guest and fellow divers. To contact Ellis directly Email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Ryan W. Maynard

PADI DiveMaster, Boat Captain

Ryan W. Maynard. A.K.A:"S------ Fresh" A PADI DiveMaster, Boat Captain. A.K.A:"S------ Fresh"  If you have to find Ryan just look for his smile, he makes it a priority that our guests have a great time when diving with us. He heads tanks with the same ease and airiness he exudes while handing guests a cocktail after their dive. Responsibilities include the daily on/off loading of vessels, logistics, safety, leading and assisting in dives and dive Instruction. Has been an employee of Scuba Safaris since 2002.


Danielle Grieger

SDI Instructor and PADI DiveMaster

Captain Joseph Shearer: A PADI "Master-Scuba Diver Trainer"A tall female originally from Cali who fell in love with the island and an islander. She is an SDI instructor and PADI DiveMaster. Danielle is responsible for the daily running of the diveshop. Her duties also include instruction and acting as diveleader where needed. Working with a bunch of guys can be challenging as swear words are few and respect is high. Her long arms make a great excuse (and because she is a female)for not wanting to carry tanks or any heavy gear for that matter, so all customers are ask to carry their own equipment!


Miles C. L. Denne

PADI & SSI Dive Instructor

Miles C. L. Denne - PADI & SSI Dive InstructorA.K.A "Farm Boy" A British national and our resident marine scientist. With self proclaimed motto “Miles away from the rest”, Miles has gained his diving experience from England, through out Asia, Australia and The Caribbean. He has over 3000 logged dives and is always willing to share his extensive knowledge of tropical marine life. His responsibilities include overseeing the every day operation , instructing, logistics, leading dives and of course, safety. Employed with Scuba Safaris from December 2004.


PADI DiveMaster and Assistant Instructor



The Gang

Crew after divingHere is part of the gang with a newly certified 10 year old diver. All happy as usual! If you look carefully you'll see that Ryan is so proud that he has found someone who is a bit shorter that he. " No! Age has nothing to do with it!" Ryan often remarks, pounding an open palm on the bar counter and showing a full smile. But we think Ryan must have stopped growing at an early age (maybe 10 or so). Ha!


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