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Resort Course "Try" Scuba Diving in Nevis

Scuba Diving

Discover scuba divingNever been diving before? Discover Scuba Diving! We first conduct a lecture session that explains the equipment, basic safety and physiology. The fun then begins with your instructor spending time with you in the familiar environment of a swimming pool or shallow bay where you will become comfortable with the equipment and learn a few skills to prepare you for your dive in the ocean. Your dive is done on a shallow reef aboard our large, comfortable boat. Your instructor will give you a briefing before you begin your shallow accompanied dive, normally we begin in 12-30'(4-10m).


Baby sharkAlthough Nevis is famous for our deeper dives, it's not uncommon to have a special experience at a shallow dive site like "Hot Springs", "Bugs'Hole" or "The Church Reef". You may see a turtle, eel, stingray, octopus, spiny lobsters or even a baby shark among the colorful reefs. There is no official license issued for this course but you are allowed to continue diving shallow dives (40', 12m) under instructor supervision for the duration of your vacation ($130.00/person) OR, add another day of instruction including another great dive and leave Nevis with the "Scuba Diver" license which you can continue to upgrade. (complete scuba gear included~resevations necessary)

Note: "Introductory Scuba" is not a certification course nor will it enable you to rent scuba gear, however, you may do as many dives as you wish accompanied by a Scuba Safaris instructor. The introductory scuba lessons are often an incentive to pursue a complete scuba diving certification